Week 3 “Drag”, Voguing

In this week’s class discussion, with connection to hooks chapter “Is Paris Burning?”, we briefly talked about a form of house dance that is typically linked to the ballroom dance scene performed by black gay men, called Voguing. On page 147, hooks refers to a depiction of gay drag ball in the film”Paris Is Burning”- “What viewers witness is not black men longing to impersonate or even become like ‘real’ black women but their obsession with an idealized fetishized vision of femininity that is white”. In summary, hooks is describing the idea that black gay men use Voguing as a way to achieve white womanhood, and in turn “there is also the desire to act in partnership with the ruling-class white male” (148). While Voguing is not a new dance form, I found a more recent mainstream example of Voguing from season 4 of America’s Best Dance Crew. The dance crew who calls themselves Vogue Evolution, represents and exhibits the ideas we discussed in class about when referring to Voguing. The dance crew’s form of dance, and even their costumes could be described as feminine and over the top- dramatizing the idea of achieving femininity, as mentioned by hooks. I found Vogue Evolution entertaining, and I hope you do too! Enjoy. 

– Mallory Hart



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