Coming Out

In this week’s class discussion we examined Judith Butler’s “Imitation and Gender Insubordination”. We looked at one quotation in particular and its relation to the idea of “the closet” and whether or not the act of coming out of the closet truly liberates a person. Butler argues, “To install myself within the terms of an identity category would be to turn against the sexuality that the category purports to describe” (pg. 121). In thinking about coming out of the closet, it becomes clear that some people actually just move from one closet to another. Society labels homosexuals and box them into identities, expecting certain behaviors that when not performed receive negative responses such as bullying. We can see these results of coming out of the closet and the harassment many young adults face today just by watching the news. By searching Jonah Mowry on youtube you can find a video posted a few months ago of a young boy about to start 8th grade expressing his fears because of the bullying he encounters for being homosexual. Another young man who posted a youtube video titled “It Gets Better” in hopes of giving other homosexual teens support recently committed suicide from years of bullying. Many lawmakers however are fighting to enact anti-bullying legislations, hopefully we will see a decline in the lives lost from bullying and homophobia


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