Hand Obsession

Munby was obsessed with the vision of working women.  He was especially fascinated with their hands.  Hands are still something that in society are said to tell a lot about a person.  Hands can still be signs of class or the occupation that one holds.  For females, this is especially true.  For instance, women who have long acrylic nails more than likely do not to much physical labor.  Rougher hands means more labor.

Hands are still important in today’s society.  The norm is to have nice hands to show that one is not a brute laborer.  However, in some sports, females work to get the hands of the ‘working class’.  Gymnastics is one such sport.  The uneven bars is the main source for a gymnasts hands to become rough and calloused.  There are grips that many wear to protect their hands, but others chose to go without.  Below is a clip of a girl who doesn’t wear grips. (In some gymnastics circles, they are judged by the roughness of their hands associating it to the individual’s level of dedication.)

-Stephanie Miller


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