Why do they do it?

After watching “Black Girl” in class this past week, the gears in my head got to turning about suicide. I’m also a psychology major and had abnormal psychology last semester so the topic is fresh in my mind. I know this is a sensitive subject, so I just don’t want anything I say to be taken offensively. This is my purely scientific opinion of suicide, so please don’t take anything I say personally. I have friends who have attempted (and one who succeeded) to take their lives so this is not to be taken as a jab at the memory of anyone who has taken their own life.That was my little shpeal so I’ll get off my soap box now!

My main questions are why do they do it and how do they decide to do it?

So. Why do they do it? Depression is definitely the number one reason. If not kept in check or medicated, people can go into a deep slump where they see no other option. Excessive drug use can also cause impulsivity among other things that can lead someone to kill themselves. I’m not talking about accidental overdose at all just to be clear. Sometimes people can “have a bad trip” and in the blink of an eye decide to off themselves. They can also feel that they made such a grave mistake that they cannot possibly reverse, so to right the wrong, they kill themselves. I believe this was part of the case for Diouana. France was the biggest mistake of her life as well as working for her employers. There are many other reasons and each person is unique having their own unique reasons.


Statistically, men are more likely to actually kill themselves when they make an attempt than women. The theory is women think more about the aftermath and clean up than men, so they are more likely to take excessive amounts of drugs, hang themselves and if they do cut their wrists they would make sure to bleed out in a bathtub or something of the sort. All of these could be done “wrong” (for a lack of better words. They could take less pills than it would actually take to kill them and still live after an attempt for example. Men on the other hand are more likely to use guns, jump off of building, or commit a crime and perform “suicide by cop”. They usually have more of a “get the job done” (sorry again for the lack of better words) mentality than a “I don’t want to burden” anyone mentality like most women do.

I found most of this in my notes from last semester along with some other numbers that I won’t bore you with. I hope it wasn’t too morbid! If you have a friend going through a rough patch that may be at risk, please try to refer them to CAPS or other services. Don’t stay silent. Help them through it. Suicide can be prevented.


-Sara Asher


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