Try a muffin they’re the best, best, best!

Pink and blue, dolls and trucks, playing house and playing sports, these are traditional gender binaries create by our society.  Judith Bulter is known for her notion of performativity and in class we got to talking about children in relation.  Children tend to heavily police gender norms because of how invested they are in them.  Kids understand that difference between boys and girls at a young age only through what they are shown by their parents and the media.  They go to school and see that everyone is playing with their same toys or not, and thus the code is created.  To say the media take a role in perpetuating gender norms in children is an oversimplification because we could blame ANYTHING on the media, but with some specific examples it can become very evident where the influence comes from.  The best example of gender reinforcement in kids is commercials for toys.  The following is my favorite. Please Enjoy:

Quotes to live by: “I love when my laundry gets so clean; taking care of my home is a dream, dream, dream.” This toy/commercial is so unbelievably engendered with the most stereotypical traditional gender roles it’s fantastic.  This toy was made in the 2000’s, meaning someone thought this was a good idea.  No wonder girls think that they must stay in the home and cook, clean and take care of the children.  There is nothing for them other that domesticity, says Hasbro.

-Megan Bittner


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