Gender as a Social Construction

Above is a video that represents how some people feel about the creation of gender roles

Everything in Life is Socially Constructed!!!

It is very interesting that this was the concept of the week in many of my classes which range from criminal justice, gender studies, and sociology. In gender studies we talked about how Judith Butler distinguishes between nature and culture.  This has been a concept in many respects to gender, crime, and how we view life. In my criminal justice class we discussed how the expectations of who commits crimes is based on the socially constructed thoughts of society and how we expect man to commit more crimes because of his genitals and that women will not commit as many crimes because they may not be smart enough to successfully commit any crimes.   Under culture and nature are these separate categories. We discussed in class how having a specific body part or not having a specific body part can affect how we view others behaviors. Interesting in both classes I came to the realization that nothing actually exists and that everything in life is merely a concept. This becomes important in how we view gender which is a social concept. We assume that because a man has a penis that he is too have specific duties. We assume because a woman is without a phallus or penis as most would call it then they do not exercise the same powers or opportunities that exist for men. Based on biological parts is how we judge a person’s behavior. This becomes problematic because we create what we think is right or wrong but in actuality how can we assume what is right or wrong based on a concept from nature? This is something that will create problems for many many years because now days people do not practice the duties or activities expected of them based on the body parts. There are some many ranges of people especially when it comes to how a person defines themselves as a person and their sexuality.


Shannon Dixon

Spring 2012




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