“My dear, transgendered heart”

So, in class we have been talking about Butler’s Bodies that Matter.  She argues that gender isn’t just a cultural thing.  There are psychological factors and possibly physical factors that can affect gender.  For this, I bring up the issue of where transgendered individuals.  Some individuals have came out as transgendered at very young ages. 

This video exhibits the more ‘natural’ feeling that some can express at extremely young ages.  There are individuals on the other end of the spectrum and do not come out as transgendered until they are much older.  Either way, there is a performance going on with them and everyone else for that matter. 

Performatitivity occurs in everyone’s life.  Drag, trans, or sex-gender normative persons all perform to the culture’s ideal of men and women.  Those who do not match or come close to matching have issues from society.


-Stephanie Miller


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