Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.

In our lovely class outside we discussed the ways in which our performativity is “impelled and sustained” through social construction.  One way that stood out during class was the idea that women who are lesbian are just going through a phase or doing it for the men.  My very first thought was a show that is notorious for raunchy scenes and multiple sex partners at a time, Nip/Tuck.  This show impels and sustains the idea of the male gaze immensely, but also show us the ideas of heteronormative out look on lesbian activity for male pleasure.  Christian Troy epitomizes this idea, he alone impels and sustains the false lesbian ideal.

The following clip is of a mother daughter tag team duo that goes out to have sex in threesomes together.  There is not necessarily lesbian activity, but there is a male gaze that is perpetuated through their sexual voluntary.

The next best example of fake lesbian activity perpetuated through television and male gaze is this lovely pair.

This show has a few sets of ‘real’ lesbians that they do create a more excepted story while at the same time spectaclizing them.  All in all this show is an uber great example of all things performativity and gender norms.  Judith Butler would have a field day with Christian Troy and Sean McNamara.

-Megan Bittner


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