Off the beaten path

In this week’s discussion of reproductive time, I began thinking about how we are expected to be in a certain place in life at a certain time.  But what if you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time?  What are the ramifications of this, and is it really all that detrimental?  The emphasis on reproductive time in the movies, commercials, and advertisements serve to fuel the belief that we must go through certain experiences in order to reach the proper destination.  Get all your partying out in college; settle down after your education; buy a motorcycle at age 45 for your mid-life crisis.  All these things have been instilled in us as the pathway to a fulfilled life; otherwise, you are just an unlucky screw-up.

In the recent film Jeff Who Lives at Home, Jason Segel plays an almost middle-aged man who still lives at home with his mother.  This comedic portrayal of stunted reproductive time shows a misunderstood man who never grew up.  In the film Jeff (Segel) constantly considers the question of destiny and that, perhaps, he is meant to be at a stage in life different from his peers.  Looking around, maybe his repo-time path is not off at all, maybe his has just been tailored to fit his own needs, maybe everyone could learn to do such a thing, leading to more happy and fulfilled lives.

-Elizabeth Nash


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