Tree Houses and Queer Time

During our class discussion about reproductive time, I told you guys about my friend Rae and her adventures.  This weekend, she posted a link to a mini-documentary that was recently made about the tree house/hostel that she lived in and worked at in Nicaragua.

Here ya go:

Aside from providing an example of “real” queer time, this video, I think, explains how it can feel to know that you have no interest in living your life as most of the people around you do.  I also think it really illustrates how strongly notions of a “normal” life structure the way we think about ourselves and gives an example of what can happen when you’re able to overcome feelings of shame and abjection that often come with deviating from the norm, especially right around the 6:40 mark.

Towards the end of the video, Fred acknowledges what could be called his “queer” use of time when he says, “I’ve learned that we have our time in life and you have to make your best use of it.”  He knows that his best use of time is not spending it in an office or in a classroom or in a factory, but he also never talks shit about people who do those things.

It still pisses me off that this concept completely eludes so many people I know, but I’ve been there.  I’m not going to lie, when Rae dropped out of school and left the country, I never told her that I thought she was wrong and I’m honestly not sure if that’s even what I thought, but in the back of my head I was definitely so, so skeptical.  I’ve since realized how fucking stupid that was and I’m making a serious effort to restructure the way I think about a lot of things.  Halberstam’s concept of queer time and queer space have given me yet another way to go about doing that.

-Mallory Dauby


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