Androgyny and the mainstream

So, I was thinking about the sort of intense conversation we had about Judith Halberstam’s view on queerness, and linked it back to our conversation about androgyny. Halberstam talks about how hipster culture and identifying as queer has become homonormative because everybody saying they are totally unique and not in a category is conventional.

So, essentially, being unique and not identifying as gay, lesbian, or straight is common. As androgyny is on the rise in high fashion as the new trendy and edgy look, will it at some point be able to be argued in the same way? At this point it is considered a critique of heteronormativity. I find it a little ironic, because cross dressing (especially for men) is looked down upon in mainstream culture, and using an androgyne in high fashion as both a male and female is doing exactly that. It’s a little mind fuck to see if the mainstream viewers notice or even question the gender. Will androgyny become something queers aspire for? To have flexibility and to further their cause to be without labels? I don’t see it happening soon. I know androgynous clothing is popular, but being an androgyne would be hard to pull off for the average bodied person. The chances of the average person passing as the opposite gender is not high. For now, androgyny is something exotic, and I don’t believe it will become homonormative any time soon as hipster and queer culture is becoming.

-Sara Asher


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