Androgyny: The Future of Gender?

This week we talked a lot about androgyny in high fashion and reasoning as to it’s marketability and popularity. One of the articles asked us to, “anachronize the present,” to realize, “that our own ways of seeing the world are contingent, curious, and changeable” (Meyerowitz, 103), which struck me as really interesting. It’s so easy to forget that the present norms and hegemonic ideals are not concrete, and the discussion on high-fashion androgyny really made me consider the instability of culturally formulated norms. Will the growing marketability of androgynous bodies and fashion lead us to a future with radically different gender presentations than our own?

A friend of mine recently sent me an article (here) that discussed some of the current changes in gender-based policies that could be the a sign of an alleged “end of gender.” While I don’t necessarily believe an end to gender difference is coming ’round the corner, I do find the idea of anachronizing the present and considering the possibilities in the future fascinating. Just in reading the short list presented in this article and the emerging commodification of androgyny, it’s perhaps too easy for me to get excited as I imagine a future where the gender binary is far less meaningful than the present allows.

Then again, maybe I’m just getting all excited over nothing. I’d like to be optimistic about the growing protections and embrace of gender variance and androgyny, but perhaps there’s a hint of naivete in my rant. But… perhaps not

-Lucas Zigler


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