Assuming Androgyny in Sports

This week in class we discussed androgyny in pop culture and specifically fashion. While some ideas viewed it as a progressive concept in the world of fashion/advertising, it could also be noticed as progressive outside of the world of fashion. But this might only be seen under the ideas that Meyerowitz examines in “Thinking Sex with an Androgyne.” Towards the end she quotes Lind’s book, “the more obvious activism here is not a protest against the subjugation of women but a call for the end to the policing of, brutality toward, and stigma associated with nonnormative gender performance.” (Meyerowitz p. 101, 2010). For some reason this quote just directly reminded me of the current criticism that Brittney Griner, the basketball player from the women’s Baylor team has been receiving. Brittney Griner a 6’8 woman with a shoe size of 17 and one of the few women to dunk in a basketball game multiple times. She also has a deeper voice and masculine features and has been credited with “playing like a man”. While being so successful in her collegiate career, social media has engaged in the both stigmatization but also support of her “nonnormative gender performance.” Perhaps I am really far off because this does not fall under androgyny in the sense that we have been discussing it. However Griner’s masculine appearance and dominant basketball skills have been both celebrated and criticized in current pop culture and social media. 

Jake Daumeyer



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