Fashion Imagery

Fashion imagery is created by advertisers who are working to appeal to an audience and what better way to sell your clothing, than by using sex! Abercrombie and Fitch ads are notorious for pushing the envelope with topless women on top of topless men. The ads do more than just sell their clothing, they sell a personality; an assumption that if you buy these clothes, you will be desired.

InLooking Good: The Lesbian Gaze and Fashion Imageryby Reina Lewis, the author spoke about the lack of effort mens magazines have to appeal to their homosexual audience, saying:

“Whatever the vouge for ‘real’ men or dressing down, gay men’s magazines do not have to overcome an antipathy to the very idea of fashion in the way that lesbian and particularly a feminist lesbian publication does.”

Abercrombie and Fitch ads are an excellent example of this, as men are often posed scantily clad if with clothes at all, and/or posed in orgy-type situations that could or could not include homosexual behavior.

-Shannon DIxon


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