“woman enough”

Recently there has been a lot of media attention on on specific transgendered individual, Jenna Talackova.  She wanted to compete in Canada’s Miss Universe ran by Donald Trump, but was denied because she wasn’t “woman enough”. Mind you, this individual under went sex reassignment surgery, breast implants, Adam’s apple reduction, and those are just what I found.  She is, however, recognized as a woman in Canada. ( If you have never seen her, go and look. She is beautiful.)

This goes along with the concept of “trans enough” we were discussing in class, only “woman enough”.  Women in American society do have more fluidity than men, but there are some arenas where one must prove they are “woman enough”.  Apparently, some beauty pageants are the place.  In many pageants, women must be naturally born as females, which is ridiculous.

The Miss Universe in Canada has changed its rules and now allows transgendered women to compete in the competitions, who meet certain requirements.  (It is a major step in the right direction in my opinion, but personally this and the few other beauty pageants for women that include transgendered women aren’t enough.)  The requirements that I have seen were medico-science related, not spiritually/mentally related to the gender one performs.

-Stephanie Miller



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