Drag in Bloomington

My favorite day of the week has to be Thursday. I have all my favorite classes AND it’s $3 Thursday at KOK. After our class discussion about being “trans enough” and one other class, I headed out to get my t-shirt and a drink. There were about 1,000,000,000 bar crawls that night (by that I mean about 8). I noticed one fraternity, who will not be named, did theirs in complete drag! Their coaches were all women dressed as men, and all the brothers were in wigs, dresses, heels, and makeup. Obviously, it was a joke and very crudely done.

It had me thinking about our “trans enough” conversation, and how it is so hard for some of these people to be accepted as trans because they do not fit the medico scientific mold for transexuals. How do these guys pass as acceptable and hilarious while others who have real struggles in the LGBT community suffer from those stereotypes? These men have no understanding of what or who they are representing. Yes, a lot of people dress in drag as a joke, but how does this impact the real drag queens and kings? Does it help or hinder them?

-Sara Asher


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