Trans morality

As some of the discussions have been centered on the “trans enough” debate I started wondering about on how many levels this can be interpreted. Obviously there is the physical spectrum of appearing more or less transexual. And then there is the acts and behaviors of being “trans enough”. But in another one of my gender studies classes we are reading about hostesses of prostitution clubs. In these discussions has been the moral compass of these women in this profession. While some of the hostess women are more promiscuous and also have sex with customers for money, many of the hostess women that are more conservative will not do this. But when the transgender hostess were discussed it was mentioned that they are perceived as being more likely to engage in sex with the customers. It was said that they are stereotyped as having less conservative morale standards than the female hostesses. This bothered me in the interpretation because of the trans hostesses interviewed they denied this but acknowledged that it was a true misconception that society has. They admitted that filling their role as a transgender hostess meant having greater sexual freedom without judgement and therefore expected to act upon it because of this. This question of them having different moralities made me wonder about how someone be interpreted as “trans enough” in terms of their morals.

George Daumeyer


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