Restrictive Truth

While medical and scientific study and research is often viewed as the source for objective knowledge and truth in regards to the body and the sexed nature of the body, that “truth” is in its self, objective. The scientific “truth” that governs bodies, especially trans bodies, is extremely restrictive in its objectiveness.


On a material level, medio-scientific definitions of what is male and what is female dictate the lives of mostly every western nation. Clothes and other products including bath products and even furniture are categorized on the bases of one’s “sex.” Most evident within public spaces, bathrooms are completely sexed. Separate bathrooms are appropriated for female sexed bodies and male sexed bodies, leaving no space for anyone whose sex and/or gender do not lie within the medio-scientific sex/gender binary.


On a more theoretical level, the medical and scientific understanding of sex leaves no room for sex or gender fluidity. Medio-scientific ideas of what is “male” and what is “female” on a sexed and gendered level infiltrate societies subconscious so that anyone who does not legibly fit the binary of male/female is deemed deviant and unable to function fully within that society. The Youtube series “Trans Enough” highlights this idea that even trans* people, who by definition denaturalize the connection between sex and gender, are expected to transition fully from one sex/gender identity to the other (legibly male to legibly female or vice versa).


The medio-scientific realm upholds a role of authority in regards to what is deemed medical and scientific truth. This truth is one that contains a male/female sex and gender binary, however, not all people wish to fall within these categories. The medio-scientific realm has made expressing oneself outside of that binary extremely difficult.

-Sally Stempler


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