Sexy Pregnant Ladies

Finally my procrastinating tendencies have paid off!!  While reading the first section of Berlant’s article about pregnancy, I was immediately reminded of the Jezebel article I had just read about pregnancy fetishes.  Here’s a link,, but the most interesting part of the article for me were the reasons that pregnancy fetishists cited for their attraction.  The two reasons that relate the most to Berlant’s article are sacredness and power.  One man explains that “pregnant women are meant to be mothers in training, chaste and committed to motherhood. So for them to be explicitly sexual is hot. It is dirty.”  This goes along with Barlant’s statement that while pregnancy was once sacred and shameful, it has become eroticized (146).  Judging by what the pregnancy fetishist explained, pregnancy is still seen as sacred, and it is from the chasteness and sacredness of motherhood that the sexual desire springs from.

Another fetishist explains that when she sees a woman who is pregnant, she knows that “she is fertile and has successfully created life… this makes us, women, god like, powerful, rulers of life.”  Berlant, too, addresses this when she writes of motherhood as “women’s power” (147).  This actually reminds me of an issue that certain feminist theories have often disagreed about (maybe someone can help me out on specific theorists): that of birth and motherhood.  Is the subordinate position of women largely due to their tie to the children they birth and raise, or is this ability to bring forth life in fact their greatest power?  This is a very important question, because it leads to drastically different feminist goals.  Anyway, getting back to the topic, I was struck by these aspects of Berlant’s article because it seemed like she’d known I had just read about pregnancy fetishes!

-Alison Hunt


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