New Wives Tale

In class this week we watched “The Business of Being Born.” After watching the video and digesting the testimonial evidence that was given I was left with a lot of questions on how much is true. For some reason my sisters and I have always know that our Mom gave birth to all three of us naturally without C-section or any drugs/epidural. She has always kind of taken pride in that which is why I know this anyways I suppose. First though I had to ask my girlfriend’s Mom what she thought about the facts in the video because she is a nurse that works in labor/delivery every single day. Of course she was biased and assured me that things like epidurals are very safe and birth care has always improved. One of her arguments back of why America has lower statistics is that there are many different health care programs in different countries and obviously the U.S. does not have universal health care. I assumed that my Mom would be more bias but she too agreed that her beliefs in giving a natural birth was a “new wives tale” of recent decades. She claimed that she was merely thinking of the recent scares that if she used drugs or anything unnatural that she was possibly doing harm to our prenatal brains. She just takes pride in giving completely natural births for more of the reasons about having a connection with the process and her own body like some of the mothers in the video said. Therefore my mom agrees too that hospitalized and medicalized births are fine and that doctors are really just “taking extra precautions” like anyone who runs a business would. Needless to say I kind of find myself believing the “new wives tale” after watching the video.

George Daumeyer


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