The Business of Being Born

This week we watched the documentary “The Business of Being Born” which discusses the how economics have infested the process of childbirth. The documentary shows how hospitals and quickened the process of childbirth with the use of drugs and pretty much take out anything natural about it. Very few women in America today have natural childbirths. Many of the drugs used help the mother feel no pain while speeding up her labor. What most people don’t think about is the effect of those drugs on the babies. The fetuses suffer greatly and lose oxygen which is why the birth is sped up and most times end up in cesarean sections. Furthermore, many of the births today are planned out and even scheduled. Some of the women interviewed in the documentary talk about how amazing natural childbirth is, my favorite quote from the film comes from a woman who had an in home childbirth. She said something along the lines of it being similar to being shot out into space and back. I think having a natural childbirth if one chooses to have children is important to link us to our bodies and to our children. My mom had a Jamaican midwife when she had my older sister and she swears the woman saved the day. My mom had been in labor for 32 hours but when the midwife arrived she immediately relaxed and began pushing and had my sister a couple hours later. I really enjoyed the documentary and think every woman should watch. 

-Kathleen  Hennessy



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