In “The Busin…


In “The Business of Being Born” Michel Odent brought up the crucial question of “What are the basic needs of a woman in labor.” The hospitals today are so concerned with the business side of delivering babies that they no longer base their actions on either the wellbeing of the mother or the baby. It is all about getting the mother in and out of the hospital bed as quickly as they can to free up space for the next paying customer. But in their rush to move the birth along they actually put the mother and baby at an even greater risk, using drugs that cause problems. But most mothers don’t know that before going in to the hospital or during prenatal care. It seems that if more women were aware of how a hospital birth worked and that the care was centered around the convenience of the doctor then they might go the midwife route. I know that after watching that video I thought more seriously about how I want to give birth. The fact that almost all other countries, if not all, use midwives should be a testament to the benefits and reliability of that practice. Midwives promote a style of birth that makes the most physical sense for the ease of both the mother and the baby. Squatting when giving birth makes it easier for the baby’s body to spin around through the pelvis and uses gravity to help push. Doctors don’t put this into practice because it is not comfortable for them, no matter if it can make the birth more comfortable for the new mother.

-Annie Grant


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