The Business of Being Born

The Business of Being Born was a very interesting documentary, which discussed the differences between hospital birth by doctors, and home birth usually with the help of midwives.  It covers some interesting topics about the drugs involved in hospitals, and how they go about the process of giving birth.  The movie is opinionated and favors house births over hospital births.  It claims, that hospitals approach birth as a business, and take the quickest time possible to give birth so they can ‘clear up beds.’  It also brought up some interesting points about how home births produce better birth rates.  This point was interesting because with all the professional doctors and equipment, one would think that this would provide a better birth rate.  The home birth also offers a better attention to the person giving birth and it focuses on how midwives play a part in home birth.  They are much more attentive, and are there for the birth, unlike many doctors.  Although this movie brought up some interesting points, I think it could include more scientific evidence on how home birth is/ is not healthier.  The movie was highly opinionated, so it would not cover the positive sides of hospitals, but I believe it would be interesting to also get that point of view. 



Jake Woodring


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