Why do women in…


Why do women in today’s society feel the need to live in fear of their biological time clock?

As Judith Halberstam explains, the phenomena of reproductive time, governs the way that people not only construct their relationships but their lifestyles. You go to college, you find your soul mate, you build a career, and then of course women you MUST have babies. BLA BLA BLA bull shit! As a person that values living outside the social constraints of reproductive time I find it hard to believe why women  continue today to be anxious and fearful of their biological time constraint to have children. Do you believe Amelia Earhart’s accomplishments would be any more exquisite if she decided to have children? Of course, anyone would answer no to that question and could argue that if Amelia did decide to have children her accomplishments in aviation could have been greatly impacted due to the time, energy and money that goes into raising kids.

That aside, women are constantly bombarded with news segments, advertisements, T.V. series, and films that address the importance and “responsibility” that we hold in this world to bear children. Check out time marker 2:56 of this CNN news clip and you’ll catch my drift ;).


-Victoria Brown


Commoditizing Androgyny… What’s next?


Androgyny. Existing outside the realm of “boring” contemporary or simply just another outlet for advertisers to attack and eat its glorious stigma of being different? Otherness as we have discovered through the readings of bell hooks has been exploited and commoditized as a way to spruce up the mundane and normality of the heterosexual whiteness in which we find in advertising EVERYWHERE. As we have discussed in class androgyny is a new way of complicating and challenging the binary system of gender norms. If you were worried that this was going to complicate your preconceptions and views of gender don’t you worry because Pantech has whole heartedly started to ruin this new outlet of gender interpretation for you. Androgyny is simply just an outlet for advertisers to reach us consumers in a new and exciting way. Finally someone else that agrees that Androgyny is desirable and achievable for everyone! Still confused consumers? All you need is to buy a Pantech phone and you will hold the key that unlocks all of the great pleasures and privileges that an authentic androgynous individual encompasses. Oh behold the power of advertising! 🙂

-Victoria B.

Reasons Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Ok so maybe this link doesn’t have everything to do with our course.  However, I thought it was useful if only for mental health/stress reliever purposes.  Also, some of the people portrayed are representing us as Americans and as human beings and I’m frightened by that.  




— Megan Hruska

What Would Tyra Do?

Models seemed to keep coming up during discussion of the readings.  And every time we talked about models I thought of some America’s Next Top Model episode that it could relate to.  Like when we talked about the Dove beauty/women campaign and their use of “real” women and how the women on ANTM who claimed to be plus sized were just closer to the average size of the American woman.

When we discussed the articles on androgyny and we looked at images of androgynous models I kept thinking about how in nearly every cycle, Tyra will create an androgynous model during the makeover episode.  So first and foremost Tyra gets what Tyra wants (such as having one model create a gap between her front teeth) and secondly she likes to have variety on her show, which is why she comes up with different makeovers for each of the girls.  For me what is most interesting are how the girls adjust to their new styles.  Some girls take the look and run with it; they are maybe even empowered by it.  Other girls literally crumble and lose all sense of self-esteem and worth because their hair is gone.  I can remember one episode when one of the models absolutely hated her new androgynous look and she claimed that it had taken some of her (obvious) femininity away from her.  I just thought that it was really interesting that some of the ANTM models failed because of their androgynous look but now it is the “in” or “it” look to have. Maybe Tyra does know best?

— Megan Hruska