What Would Tyra Do?

Models seemed to keep coming up during discussion of the readings.  And every time we talked about models I thought of some America’s Next Top Model episode that it could relate to.  Like when we talked about the Dove beauty/women campaign and their use of “real” women and how the women on ANTM who claimed to be plus sized were just closer to the average size of the American woman.

When we discussed the articles on androgyny and we looked at images of androgynous models I kept thinking about how in nearly every cycle, Tyra will create an androgynous model during the makeover episode.  So first and foremost Tyra gets what Tyra wants (such as having one model create a gap between her front teeth) and secondly she likes to have variety on her show, which is why she comes up with different makeovers for each of the girls.  For me what is most interesting are how the girls adjust to their new styles.  Some girls take the look and run with it; they are maybe even empowered by it.  Other girls literally crumble and lose all sense of self-esteem and worth because their hair is gone.  I can remember one episode when one of the models absolutely hated her new androgynous look and she claimed that it had taken some of her (obvious) femininity away from her.  I just thought that it was really interesting that some of the ANTM models failed because of their androgynous look but now it is the “in” or “it” look to have. Maybe Tyra does know best?

— Megan Hruska